There are countless ramen shops in Japan, and they offer a variety of types and styles of ramen. Saying "ramen" can refer to a wide range of dishes that almost feel like completely different foods. Even ramen of the same type can be made using the shop's original methods, so it's not an exaggeration to say that there are countless varieties of ramen in Japan. Here, we will introduce the types and ways to enjoy ramen, as well as secret famous shops in Tokyo that regular Japanese ramen eaters go to, which are rarely mentioned in guidebooks for foreigners.


Soy Sauce Ramen醤油ラーメン)


Miso Ramen味噌ラーメン)


Salt Ramen塩ラーメン)


Pork Bone Ramen豚骨ラーメン)


Seafood Ramen魚介ラーメン)


House Style Ramen(家系ラーメン)


Jiro Style Ramen二郎系ラーメン)


Dan Dan Noodles担々麺)


Dipping Noodlesつけ麺)


Oil Soba油そば)


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